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About Us

The wedding day often quickly passes by and seems like a blur of activity. I'm able to capture the special moments that could easily be lost. Many times the bride misses that special look on her mother's face as she walks down the aisle. Also there's the love in her father's eye when he dances his special dance with his daughter. Of course the bride won't want to miss the loving look on the grooms face as he sees his bride walk down the aisle. These are memories we capture forever...

I have taken time to capture a concept that I feel is lacking in photography. When we go to a studio we get very posed pictures that lack natural expressions and don't show the love that exists in our relationships. I take extra time at beautiful local settings and highlight your unique bonds of love. On location, the family or couple can interact spontaneity that reflects the personality that is special to your relationships.

This may take extra time for me as a photographer, but when it's what you love who notices? Many have walked away from the photo shoot saying "that was fun!" I feel that if the photo shoot is enjoyable, then the memories will now last forever and are something to be cherished.