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About Us

  As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Midtown Sacramento, one of my main focus areas is premarital counseling.   I enjoy working with couples who are in the early stages of their life together, and who are insightful and aware of areas in their relationship that may need some fine-tuning.  All couples, no matter how healthy and strong their bond, have unique areas within their relationship that can benefit from new tools and insight.  I find couples who are open to premarital counseling are less likely to have trouble in their marriage down the road.  

I offer a 6-session premarital package at a discount from my regular fee.   Six 50-minute sessions is about the right amount of time to cover the important areas in a relationship, improve communication patterns, and to see definite progress toward goals.   Premarital counseling can help to minimize the need for more expensive and extensive marriage counseling later on.  

Check out my website to read more about me:  www.findhopeagain.com 

Give me a call today to see if I might be the right fit for the two of you!  916-214-1479

Wishing you a bright and happy future together.