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Customized ceremonies by Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant® Stacy Mitchell that speak to who you are as individuals and as a couple utilizing the art of symbolism and ritual to create a ceremony that is wholly YOU! The Celebrant Motto: "Your Voice, Your Choice, Your Ceremony"! 

Planning the Wedding of Your Dreams is often more challenging than one originally imagines. A Wedding consists not just of the dreams of the Bride-to-Be, but also the dreams, beliefs, values, & traditions of the Groom and those of two separate and distinct families. Add in to this the aspect of community inclusion, and what you have is a wondrous, and not to mention stressful, challenge to create a day that will meet and exceed the dreams and expectations of each participant to your union!

Many couples become so caught up and over-whelmed by this challenge that they fail to realize just how important it is to have someone they can trust and turn to for assistance from the start of this journey towards Sacred Union. In fact, most often, a Bride & Groom will choose their Wedding Officiant at the end of their planning, or sometimes even as an "after-thought" because they do not realize that there are people in their community who are trained to assist them in bringing all their dreams, beliefs, and traditions into the Ceremonial elements of their wedding day!

This is the Beauty of having a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant® officiate your wedding!

My mission as your Wedding Celebrant is to help you create not only the day of your dreams, but to assist you in creating a Ceremony that reflects your beliefs, values, and traditions in a way that honors each of you as individuals and as the couple you are becoming. Regardless of whether you desire a private, intimate joining or a large celebration of your union, your Ceremony should reflect all that you are and all that you intend to become together.  I urge you not to put off choosing me as your Celebrant!