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About Us

This is the place where most photographers tell you all about their hobbies and interests and how many pets they have and yada yada yada *snore fest*.  We thought it was more important to talk about you.  It is your day right?  So who is a Celladora bride exactly? We are so glad you asked!

A Celladora bride is sassy, classy, fabulous, unique, amazing, extravagant, eccentric and just a little bit edgy.

You find beauty in the details, in the moments.

You are bold and unique, so the way your wedding day is captured should be too.

Our Style

Loves Your Style


We want to get to know you.  We want to share your most special day with you.   We want to capture every moment and detail of your wedding day just how you are imagining it now.

You probably want to know a little about us since we will be spending one of the most important, happiest days of your life with you.  Every Celladora bride gets two professional photographers covering her wedding: John Yates and Mollie Cochrane.  Here’s a few things you should probably know about us:

About the photographers

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