Central Texas J-Booth

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11411 Research Blvd.
Austin, TX 78759 United States

+1 512 905-2711

Photo Booth rental with us is a hit at every wedding reception, party, or any other social function.  We have one of the larger if not the largest photo booth in the Austin, San Antonio, and Central Texas area allowing 10+ guests per frame.  (14 guests in one frame is our record.)

Our booth provides that extra element of fun and excitement while maintaining a sleek and elegant look.  There is no longer a need to wear a lampshade as a hat to get in a wacky photo, just hop into our booth!  We also bring the best prop selection in town! 

The prints and digital images record long lasting memories of how much fun you and your guests experienced with our photo booth at your event. They are also guaranteed to make the ultimate party favor!

We offer the largest photo booth in the Austin area. We provide an extra element of fun and excitement. Prints from our booth will make the ultimate party favor for your guests.