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About Us

You are about to embark on planning one of the most beautiful events in your life - a celebration of your love by way of a wedding, renewal of vows or commitment ceremony. Your intention to declare your love for each other as part of a formalized ceremony is worthy of careful planning to ensure that it is “perfect” for you both. In conjunction with the right officiant, you can ensure that this planning is a pleasurable, personal and stress free experience. A selection of vows is available to choose from, or alternatively, you may wish to consider writing and including your own unique vows as part of your service.

An Officiant’s role is to provide personal and professional guidance to ensure your wedding will be delivered in a warm, relaxed and sincere manner. Above all, your ceremony should be a reflection of your feelings for each other, your shared dreams and hopes for the future and commemorate the start of a lifetime of love together. Because so many former clients have begun families, Deidra now includes Baby Blessing Ceremonies as an extension of the services she provides.  

About Deidra:

Deidra was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, so you will find her accent delightful and charming. Her career began in the television industry where she wrote an educational television series for children, and then worked as a reporter on a television travel magazine series. During this period, her exploration of the world was extensive and she learned much about the traditions and cultures of many countries. The highlight of her career was a private interview with Mother Teresa in Calcutta the year before her passing. This was an amazing and enriching experience. Today, Deidra writes personalized ceremonies, for weddings and baby blessings too.  She has been very happily married for 20 years and has one child.

Marriage License:

It is recommended that you apply for your Marriage License from the County Clerk at least one month prior to the event. You will need proof of identification and proof of your age. A Marriage License is valid for 90 days and currently the fee for a Marriage License in Los Angeles County is: $90.00 for a Regular License and $85.00 for a Confidential License.

Services Provided:

·         A personalized ceremony with options to include: your own material, guest or family participation if requested, and the inclusion of a Unity Ceremony or any other traditions if desired.  

·         Personal consultations in Deidra’s office in Playa del Rey.

·         A complete Running Order of your ceremony will be typed up and given to you and your coordinator so that you see exactly how the ceremony will be formatted.

·         An articulate and charismatic delivery of your ceremony, presented with dignity, fun and most of all, joy.

·         A Keepsake Wedding Certificate.


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