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About Us

A lot of planning and attention to detail goes into Carolyn Marie's photography long before she ever picks up her camera to photograph an event. That's because she wants the picture taking to be a snap, and her photos to be top quality. Well, Carolyn's been specializing in wedding photography for fifteen years, and you could say she's got it down to a science and an art. "Up until the day of the wedding, I use a more left-brain approach, thinking through all the logistical details," says Carolyn, who formerly worked as a scientist. "But once I'm behind the camera, my creativity and intuition take over - I'm a very visual person." All that preparation pays off: brides love her and her images are quite beautiful.

Another benefit of Carolyn's pre-wedding planning is the engagement photo session she offers to her clients. "For many couples it's more a chance to have photographs taken of them in a casual setting than it is to actually take formal engagement pictures," she explains, "but it's also an opportunity for us to develop a rapport before the wedding day."

As for the wedding day itself, Carolyn and her clients come up with a photography schedule that includes all the photos the couple wants, and fits comfortably within the flow of the day. "But the schedule isn't cast in concrete," Carolyn says. She easily accommodates changes in the plan, and never imposes her own agenda on the couple. By being so flexible, "She's always in the right place at the right time to get the best pictures," says a videographer who has worked with her many times. "She tries hard to make things perfect."

Carolyn uses both color and black and white film depending on the couple's wishes and the characteristics of the location they've selected. Her images are taken in soft, natural light whenever possible, and often have a truly romantic look. She knows how to get close-ups without staging them, and her candids are framed perfectly. In one musician's opinion, "Her pictures are outstanding. She chooses interesting angles (that are admired by other photographers), and takes great location photos."

Friendly, calm and confident, Carolyn puts everyone at ease. She's willing to help out other professionals in any way she can and, as all of them have noted, she's very sensitive to the bride's needs. "I keep the channels of communication open throughout the day," she says. "I check with the bride to see if she's getting tired or wants to change anything, and I adjust my picture taking to make things easier for her."

"I want to leave my clients with lots of wonderful images and memories of the day. And really, if they don't have too many memories of me, it means I've done my job well," she laughs. Yet as much as she wants her photos to be what couples remember, she can't help making a lasting impression on them, too. As one very satisfied bride recently told her, "You're even better than all the wonderful things we heard about you -- I'm so glad we hired you!"