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About Us

"I had met with a few photographers and all the pictures were so contrived and felt like they were all the same. The last thing we wanted for our wedding is for it to resemble or feel like every other wedding. It was pure chance that we bumped into Cherie and as soon as I saw her book and realized that every wedding she shoots takes on a completely unique look. Whether editorial or portrait she captured our day. Her and her team were completely invisible throughout the day, yet everyone seemed to remember and adore her. She is officially the one person that we would call over and over for all of our special events. She really is one of the most talented and cool photographers we have ever met!" Laura Niemi & Adam Gascoine

"My heart was racing in the anticipation of this romantic day of love...and in walks Cherie with her necklace of cameras, her calm and that creative glint in her eye...here to capture for us the essence of our vision, our love and all the magical moments that otherwise would be only memory...Cherie floated about the night and weeks later when I saw the pictures I realized how thoroughly, how artfully and how exquisitely she had captured the swirling energy of our Wedding...She is truly an artist and truly sees the people she shoots...I am forever grateful for such beautiful artistry and for the time she took in connecting with us...Thank you Cherie!" Lesa Hardy & David Bergeaud