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About Us

At CHIC we believe that it's OK to have 15 bridesmaids, or none at all. It's OK to change your centerpiece choice at the last minute, twice! It's OK to be a Girly Girl, or a complete Tom Boy...this is your day, let CHIC make it unforgettable!

Chic: \`sh-E-k\ n [F] 1856 1. Cleverly stylish. 2. A distinctive manner associated with a fashionable lifestyle, ideology, or pursuit.

Who we are…
Chic was founded in 2004 by an entertainment industry alum. Because of a strong desire to "make up her own rules" and several Hollywood parties under her belt (leather and studded of course) she formed Chic Events, a boutique firm based in Los Angeles, serving both domestic and international clientele.

What we believe…
Chic was founded on 3 basic principles:

1. A Fabulous party isn't dependent on budget; how creative you can be with said budget, now that's what it's all about!

2. You can't produce anything Great without Great Passion. We love what we do (we throw parties for goodness sake) so this process should be as fun for you as it is for us.

3. There isn't anything you can't do in a pair of jeans! Sounds funny, we know, but we established this firm so we wouldn't have to wear suits. Our focus is on creativity and thinking outside the box. So while incredibly professional, we're also incredibly unpretentious.

What we do…
From wrap parties to destination weddings… From company summits of 600 to intimate dinner parties of 6. If you can think of a reason to celebrate, we can make it unforgettable.

How we do it…
With love, experience, and duck tape! Also, by leveraging our strong relationships with premier vendors both locally and nationwide we are able to offer our clients the best prices, venues, and entertainment available. Our events are a fusion of cutting edge trends and creativity, with a strong grasp of the fundamentals of a successful event.