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About Us

Kathlin Argiro dresses are a new and fun way to dress the chic girls in your wedding party. Our stylish silhouettes are designed as ready to wear dresses that stand out with their novelty fabrics and special treatments. We know that your wedding day is a very special one, which is why we let you customize the dresses to fit your personal preferences. You can mix and match styles, fabrics, and treatments within certain guidelines. In the following pages are silhouettes and pictures, swatch cards of our fabrics and ribbons, and our measurements guide.

Don’t forget these styles are not just for bridesmaids. Use the special order collection to dress chic women in beautiful well-made clothes that are perfect for so many occasions. The dresses are designed to be multi-functional so that you can wear them to parties, luncheons, charity events, and of course, for all events surrounding a wedding.