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Make your wedding or event truly special with a certain-to-be-treasured Photobooth Scrapbook and Photo Booth! We'll deliver a fabulous retro black and white photobooth for you and your guests to enjoy. Take unlimited pictures. Paste them into your scrapbook. Treasure the moments forever!

Photo Booth take the cake at receptions! The key to a successful wedding reception might no longer be a great caterer or hot deejay It may be that familiar-looking booth off in the corner. Photobooth scrapbooks will bring one of those old-time black-and-white photo booths to your reception for four hours of snaps!

"There's a kind of magical nostalgia that takes place in those photo booths," says Mark Klein, President of Photobooth Scrapbooks. "I'm the president of the business and I still don't get it."

Guests get as many photos - those classic four-photo strips - as they want, and the company has a representative there to assemble a scrapbook. Each guest contributes a photo strip and some words of wisdom for the new couple, who get the scrapbook at the end of the night.

"It sort of replaces the guest book, where you go to a wedding and sign in," Klein says. "The problem with the guest book is that 20 years from now no one really looks at a signature. But 20 years from now you will look at these pictures."

Photo Booth Rental Options
Photo booth rental options are just as popular today. Photo booth rental options are available to you through Photobooth Scrapbooks. You might look at an ordinary photobooth as just a piece of memorabilia that has amused you in the past with its quirky and sometimes funny snapshots of yourself. With the advent of newer technology like digital cameras and camera phones, you might think that photo booths might lose out on the competition. But judging from the presence of photo booths still present at the malls, it might just be too soon to say that photo booths are on the way out. For starters, photo booths cater to a different group of people. Those included in this group are people who still long for those classic instant multiple prints from the reliable photo booth. They still want to have a taste of the old-fashioned charm of that good old photo booth. The photo booth is probably one of those wonderful objects from the past that just wouldn't fade away into obscurity. True, it may have lost some of its shine compared to its glory days in the past when it was then the rage among teenagers. Here's the big surprise. An interest in phone booths is getting some kind of new revival in a whole new different way. (more)

Photo Booth Scrapbooks
Photobooth Scrapbooks has a novel and unique suggestion for your special parties and events. Photobooth Scrapbooks have photo booths that are available for you to rent out. You might think that this idea won't click at parties. You can't be more wrong. Having photo booths at parties seems to be the "in" thing nowadays. People can't seem to get enough of them at parties and other special events. Photo booths still have that charm in them that still make them have a part of anyone's life. This ancient piece of equipment was once the rage at the time when taking one's picture can be so complicated. Photo booths made it more convenient. It was so popular then for getting people's snapshots instantly. It was a seemingly favorite hangout especially by preteen girls wanting to have photos of them taken with their friends. It was then so convenient at a time when conventional photos have to be taken to a film shop to have them developed. With photo booths, instant photos were possible. That is why it was so loved by a lot of people then. Talk about having your memories captured in an instant on a strip of paper for instant appreciation. (more)