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About Us

Some of life's most important milestones and rites of passage are also some of the most challenging moments to capture on film. And after 15 years in the fashion industry primarily modeling but also working in styling, set design, artist representation and coordination, it was precisely the challenge of these split seconds of truth that drew Christine Johnson to express herself on the other side of the camera.

Beyond finding or creating a beautiful photograph, Christine has the innate ability to interpret the mood and feeling of your special occasion, and then she translates it into evocative images that endure long after the gossamer times of the event have vanished. Christine accomplishes her magic by letting you and your family be the stars, not herself. She blends in effortlessly and touches the vibe of the occasion to earn the trust of the subjects she is photographing.

As she so eloquently puts it herself, "in choosing your wedding photographer, forget what is popular, forget what everyone else tells you; find the photographer whose images you can find yourself in." Christine is appreciative that you find yourself here now. She hopes you'll find yourself in one of her portfolios....