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About Us


My personal goal when working a client is to build a cosmetic system that helps them feel confident, makes the right statement, easy application & increases their confidence when making a first impression. My goal in working with my brides is to achieve the right look that makes a glowing statment, while complimenting her features, wedding dress & coordinating colors.

Most importantly GETS THEM RESULTS. 

Clients to work with

-Unsure about how to apply the right look for there personal cometic routine

-They found that coordinating colors was frustrating and time consuming 

-Clients had not changed there cosmetics out in the last few years & wasnt age approprriate

-Work with clients that were spending more than 20 mins. on there daily application
-Brides that need help putting together the right look on the big day & providing pampering services

Through detailed cosmetic appointments each quarter, right skin care regiments, right cosmetic forulmas and scheduled follow ups I can create a quick easy routine & stress free makeup & skin care solutions. 
Brides know they will look there very best & have the right look for the occasion.

I am able to eliminate wasteful spending, save time and money at the cosmetic counter & local shopping stores and most importantly build a cosmetic system that fits my clients features & budget .
Whether you are trying to command the right attention when you walk into the room, office or special event, a polished image and perception of yourself. I am here to help!