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About Us

A wedding creates a chemistry among its participants that happens on no other day. As the bride and groom step across the threshold dividing their old lives from their future, they are joined by a community of people who may not all come together again. But for this one day, they are together, they are all gorgeous, and everything they do is charged with heightened emotion. This is a day no one wants to forget.

My photographs will preserve these extraordinary moments. I will blend into your wedding party and tap into the energy of the day, capturing the small, enchanted moments that give the ritual its texture. I will capture the intimacy of the whispered conversation between a bride and groom just before they enter the reception; the spontaneous dance your Uncle Ted invents after his third glass of champagne; and the look of triumph on your 10-year-old nephew's face when he catches the garter. When you receive your wedding photos, I want you to see all of the little interactions you may not have had time to witness yourself. I want to show you your day in its rich entirety; to tell your unique story; and capture the spirit of your celebration.

The rituals that mark life's most significant moments fascinate me because they follow patterns common to all humanity. Rituals in cultures around the globe progress in a similar flow. First, there is the preparation for the event-be it a marriage, a First Communion, the opening of a play, a bar mitzvah, a graduation, a retirement, or a birth. Then, a threshold is crossed, and a new kind of life begins. The bride waits at the back of the church; an actor hovers in the wings; a graduate walks down the aisle. Lastly, the community receives these people anew, and joins with them in celebration of their transformation.

This is a narrative that resonates with me, and inspires all of my work.

It is a privilege and a joy for me to be present for these personal rituals of celebration and change, which is why I have devoted the last 10 years of my life to this kind of photography. There is probably only one time in your life that you will hire a photographer to document your every move for an entire day. I hope you will allow me the honor of being that photographer.

In addition to weddings, I also photograph family reunions, birthday and anniversary parties, retirement parties, art openings, and all other special occasions.

I trained in photography at the School for Visual Arts and the International Center for Photography. My clients include New York University's dance department, the Urban Bush Women Dance Company, NY Cares, Project by Project, and the Looking Glass Theater, as well as a long list of happy brides and grooms.