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About Us

Owner and head designer of Chrysalis, Jen Wheaton is “Passionate about Peonies and people!” The fun for Jen in creating flowers for weddings and events is finding out what makes her clients unique. She then incorporates that energy into a custom-tailored design concept.

Having bachelor’s degrees in both psychology and drama from New York University only helps Jen with this endeavor. This background, coupled with her experience and training in Floral Design from Merritt College in Oakland, enables her to matchlessly capture and illustrate the essence and style of each client or wedding couple. With Jen and her talented staff at work, flowers become more than mere blossoms. They transform into art…theater…a sensory expression of spirit and beauty.

The Chrysalis studio is located in Palo Alto, by appointment only. We provide service to the entire greater San Francisco Bay Area, as well as to the Napa and Sonoma wine country and beyond.

Photo by Meg and Michael Weddings