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About Us

Photographing in diverse cultures and in sensitive situations throughout the world, I’ve learned the necessity of being discrete, unobtrusive and unintrusive. Most outstanding candid and documentary photographs could not be made otherwise.

My approach to your wedding day is a very personal one - a wonderful opportunity to make fun, emotional, insightful photographs that go far beyond a realistic rendering of the day’s events. Working with quiet Leica cameras (35mm), I begin the day with the bride (and sometimes groom) getting ready, and continue to perceptively photograph the day unfolding, like chapters in a book, - a story with a beginning, middle and end. Yours would be a uniquely personal “photo essay” -- in classic black and white (color as well if you desire) -- a collection of images as timeless today as it will be for future generations.

Having exhibited my work at venues inclusive of The International Center of Photography in New York - and with my background as a photojournalist, fine arts and documentary photographer - my expertise is ideally suited for the discerning couple who appreciates the art of photography. My vision reflects an honest, sensitive, “feeling of the moment” closeness with the subject, crafted without artifice, a fluid balance of elements within the frame. This harmony of art and emotion is ideal for recording your exceptional day on film.

My style allows you the joy of living that beautiful day...not posing for it.