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Don’t you wish you had a video of your parents’ wedding? Won’t your family - and some day, your children - love to watch the video of yours?

This special day will only happen once. Capture all your magic moments with a video.

From the most important words you’ll ever say, to the look in your mother’s eyes. From your first dance as husband and wife, To the last toast of the evening.

Only a Cinderella Wedding Video Can capture all the sights and sighs, Tears and toasts, Laughter and music Of your special day.

Relive it happily ever after With a wedding video from Cinderella.

Remember, while a wedding photo is worth a thousand words, a wedding video is worth a thousand photos.

What does a video capture that photos don’t?
Memories. When you involve more senses, you create more clear and vivid memories. Photos appeal to sight alone; a video adds sound, motion and spontaneity.

What should I look for in a wedding videographer?
Experience, sensitivity, patience and creativity. Someone you’re comfortable working with, who listens well, obeys your instructions completely and then goes the extra mile to make your video special.

Wedding video packages are priced very competitively starting from $750 to $2,995. We would love to be part of your joyous day. Call us to arrange a time to get together and talk. There is no obligation, of course.