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About Us

If you have your photographer booked, many brides don't see the point in hiring a videographer.  To be honest, we don't either and this is why.  We are not videographers, we are cinematographers who enjoy getting to know you and help you share your love story with your friends and family.  We are filmmakers; storytellers.  When shopping around be aware of this major difference.  Your typical videographer will show up with an oversized camera on their shoulder and zoom in and zoom out and edit your video to cheesy music and to be honest you'll probably only watch their product once.  

Here at Cinepro Studios, we get to know you from the beginning to create a masterpiece that is your own style, a story that reflects who you two are, that you will want to share with everyone and watch over and over again.  We are in this business because it is our passion - we enjoy bringing tears to your eyes - we enjoy making you laugh - we enjoy being with you on the biggest day of your life, and to capture those memories is the best feeling in the world.