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About Us

"Memories for a Lifetime"

Our Commitment is to provide you with an encapsulated memory
of the most beautiful day of your life.

Your Wedding Day: Upon reservation of your special day, your date will be held for you. Your videographer will arrive one hour prior to the ceremony to shoot "pre-wedding" activities and bridal preparation. The groom will be offered a wireless microphone to capture the vows as well as the intimate moments during the ceremony. We will then shoot the entire days events. We then produce a video containing all the sentimental beauty and elegance tastefully shot, we capture the joy and heart warming moments to be shared on video for your loved ones. Emphasizing sincere intimate images we create a memoir of romance, sweetness and sentimentality, time after time.

Citi-Video is beginning it's 16th year in the wedding video industry and brings years of professional experience in the field of video production.

One camera 7 hour weddings ie.4 DVD's edited with titles and music................$1400
Two camera 7 hour weddings ie.4 DVD's edited with titles and music.................$1700

Our Goal is to shoot the precious moments of you wedding day to capture these memories for a lifetime.