About Us

Concept:   CitySpecialz didn’t agree with the current model for Daily Deal Websites. Why would we pay a third party to discover our favorite local businesses? In response to this question we created something different, fun, engaging, and conscientious. We use daily deal websites to enjoy the awesome businesses that our cities have to offer. CitySpecialz is founded on principles that allow local businesses to receive 100% revenue from their offers so they can keep providing you with the excellent experiences that make our cities unique.Values:  Striving for excellence, Cityspecialz is the most contemporary marketplace for the best things to do in your city. As a new wave in its genre of daily deal websites, we provide a trusted and beneficial source of advertising and customer service. We help local and national businesses grow by introducing them to high-quality new customers. Our marketing solutions for businesses large and small provide our partners with the tools to make customers their regulars. Customers:  CitySpecialz offers you an opportunity to explore undiscovered businesses to add to your favorite places. You can win vouchers and download Specialz for services and products offered by those businesses. Be a part of the newest genre in Daily Deals and help your local business succeed by paying them directly.