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About Us

My first love is fine art photography. It is with this in mind that I approach wedding photography, striving to capture the details, the feeling and the emotion of such an important occasion. I believe wedding photography should be as fun, relaxed and as natural-looking as possible. I enjoy working in collaboration with my clients, and make a point to meet and discuss with them what visual elements they feel will best express their relationship and their wedding. Wedding packages begin at $2500.00 and all packages include the negatives.

"The photos are wonderful. I almost cried looking through them. It is going to be hard to choose ones for enlargement. Thank you so much again, they are so beautiful." -Chani Johnson

"Thank you so much for giving us one of the greatest gifts--the most awesome and beautiful photographs!! It is such a source of pride and enjoyment to show them off to friends. Clare, you have a masterful eye for unique, telling photos; your professional manner and control of the situation is more than a match for even the most raucous and circus-act-like family, (demonstrated at our gathering), and you have a calming reassurance that really made Charlene and me feel at ease." Thank you! -Jim & Charlene Heslin

"Your photos are so outstanding and fantastic! I had to look at them on the way home, while stuck in traffic (not a very good idea, I nearly rear-ended someone!) and three more times at home. I am definitely going to get my photo requests into you this month because I am going to spend all summer showing them off! They are so FANTASTIC!!" -Elisabeth & Russ O'Ja

"Oh my gosh Clare - I LOVE the pictures…they are awesome! I've been dragging them everywhere to show people. I couldn't have asked for anything better!!  YOU ROCK! Thanks again, I will cherish these forever." -Wes & Chenelle Salmon

"Hi Clare, Our Wedding photos are wonderful!! Paul and I love how you captured our wedding and they look timeless. :) You did a beautiful job." -Luchie de Leon & Paul Kim