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About Us

We are here to "tell the story"of your day ... not to "make one up"or "manufacture" one; Simply to be an invisible presence allowing the moments to unfold ... artistically capturing them ...and creatively weaving them together to maintain their eloquent essence and spirit.

Your story is made up of what we describe as "the truth of the moment" which can only be caught by being as unobtrusive as possible. We have learned if people are aware they are being photographed or filmed they will either "shy up" and run away....or "ham it up" ...neither of which is "true to the moment". You can rest assured we will be a behind the scenes presence.

Since it is your story, we believe you should have a say in the way it is told. Your opinions in album design and music selection, content and effects used for your video are crucial to us. Of course if you would rather trust our creative judgment you can do that too with the utmost confidence that we avoid all "cheesy" over the top effects and editing choices.

Our goal in the end is to create what will become a treasured photographic journey as well as your favorite movie; the story of your day; the moments you remember as well as the ones you missed or have forgotten in the emotional blur of the day; the simply elegant essence of what it felt like to be you and your family and friends sharing one of the most memorable days of your lives.