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About the Guitar~ The Guitar is a versatile instrument that will captivate both young and old. Its repertoire is of the most ancient in existence covering the height of the middle ages, Renaissance, and Classical periods, (not to mention Jazz, Blues, and even R&B.)

While the beautiful sound fills the background delighting the guests, the instrument itself adds an elegant presence making the wedding distinctly memorable.

The guitar is of the oldest instruments known to mankind

The Guitar is a unique instrument that will fascinate both young and old. It is perfect as a solo instrument or can be combined with any instrument or voice. While its beautiful sound fills the background to delight your guests, the elegant presence of the instrument will make the wedding distinctly memorable.

The Guitar is among the oldest instruments known to mankind. The Guitar of today continues to please modern audiences with its lyrical, timeless melodies.

It has been a favorite instrument of many cultures and its modern repertoire reflects these diverse influences. My repertoire includes classical, and jazz. All the traditional wedding music can be played on the guitar, but there are also many alternatives.

Over the past twenty five years, the guitar and I have traveled far and wide in the New England Metropolitan area. I have also been teaching the guitar and have performed with many diverse artists.

If I ever need a classical guitarist or a jazz trio, I know who to call.
- Jon Saphire, Saphire Manor

How to hire a Guitarist: If you have not heard me play and/or want to go over the details of your affair, please feel free to set up an appointment to hear me play over the phone, or to hear my music through email, my website, or in person.

This is your opportunity to see if Guitar music is for you, and there is no obligation to make a commitment.

I have played at hundreds of wedding ceremonies and can talk you through all the ceremony parts that need music. I can make recommendations and have a large selection of music that would be appropriate for a wedding. It is not necessary to have all the details of your ceremony/reception in place in order to begin planning the music.

As an experienced performer I would be honored to fill your wedding day with memories of beautiful music. Please call soon to see if your date is available.

The concert guitar can be performed at any indoor or outdoor location.

What's Been Said

  • “Your music set the tone for the wedding.”
  • "[It was classy and romantic] It was very graceful and romantic."
  • “It was absolutely dreamy.” Heidi Crane
  • “Your music added that “extra special touch” to our service.” Anna Ricardo
  • “The Jazz set was swinging! And yet not overpowering volume wise, everyone could hear themselves talk, without yelling, yet the music could be heard, and everyone commented how much they enjoyed it.” Mr.& Mrs. Raymond

Peter Orphanos’ musical education has been extensive but its most important aspect was his private instruction in piano and music theory with Dr. Roland Wiggins. Professor Wiggins was instrumental in the development of the Jazz styles of trumpeter Woody Shaw, bassist Cecil McBee, and tenor saxophone giant John Coltrane.

During his study with R. Wiggins, Peter also pursued studies with tenor and alto saxophonist Archie Shepp and has otherwise received specialized training in Flamenco music in Spain, As well as on his own with slide guitar.

In the U.S.A. among Peter’s other significant and rewarding learning experiences has been his long and continuing collaboration and apprenticeship with virtuoso jazz guitarist and composer Pat Martino. Even though Peter never formally studied with Pat, he has described his time spent with Pat as some of the most valuable in his years honing his craft.

“There is something very important about spending time around someone who is the best at what he does. The inspiration and camaraderie is what spurs you on in your own quest. He always encouraged me by saying that he considered me an apprentice - never a student” says Peter.

Most recently, Peter has completed a (CD) recording entitled '"With Open Eyes". All but two of the pieces were written by Peter, This was recorded in NYC with Pianist Steve Kuhn, Bassist Eddie Gomez, and Drummer Bob Moses. Also on the recording (CD) is a piece previously recorded with Bassist Charlie Lachapelle, Vocalist Tony Silvera, Tenor Saxophonist Jerry Bergonzi, and Drummer Alex Deutch. The final five Solo pieces showcase Peters diverse Skills as a guitarist and composer.

Peter is a musician in constant pursuit of creativity, he challenges himself perpetually to find new innovative compositional and performance techniques. Stylistically, he is a virtual chameleon, taking on the form of whatever style he comes across, compositionally, technically, or in performance as a Classical Guitarist or a bottleneck GTR. Player, constantly using all music and art to meet his goal.

Over the years, Peter has given many successful performances including concerts at the Hartford Athenaeum, with the Butch Morris Ensemble at Hartford’s Real Art Ways Performance Gallery, at the Jack Kerouac Festivals in Lowell, Massachusetts and several times as featured guitar soloist in New York City and at several venues in New England.