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About Us

I am a photographer with fourteen years experience photographing portraits, weddings, and other social events in and around New York City. My formal training includes a major in photography at a European art school where I worked on several projects using documentary photography, participated in many photography exhibitions and earned a Master's Degree in Fine Art.

Since I moved to New York, I have had several exhibitions of my black&white art photography. Working at an established photography studio in Manhattan helped me develop my personal style of social event photography: a very unobtrusive approach that reveals the liveliness and emotions of the moment. These true expressions are captured by observing without interfering. By maintaining a low profile, I prevent the occasion from becoming a media event, however; unlike "journalistic" photography, I deliberately create artful candid images. Portraits are also an important part of my work. They are relaxed and naturally posed and I use my technical knowledge of light and setting to produce the most flattering images possible.

I think my pictures speak for themselves.