About Us

Through my years of experience, I've learned the nuances for different types of makeup with a variety of clients. Each application and technique is distinct.

There is a creative process of collaborating with photographers and producers to give life to their vision on print and in film. In contrast, working with brides requires a much more personal touch, and a bond that gets created on an individual level. I also enjoy the high energy and thinking on my toes that goes into fashion shows and marketing events.

I can't say that any one type of makeup artistry is my favorite. I love them all and each gives me a distinct type of satisfaction.

Claudia Moriel has been passionate about the beauty industry ever since childhood, when her mother first introduced her to the tools of trade while attending beauty school herself.

With over 10 years of industry experience, Claudia has successfully practiced as a manicurist and makeup artist for a diverse range of clients and projects, from fashion shows and weddings, to music and corporate videos, and even local and Hollywood movies, having recently finished work as the personal manicurist for actress Anne Hathaway, on the set of her upcoming movie, "Bride Wars".

Claudia enjoys working with people to make them look and feel their best, and to bring out their natural beauty, no matter what the occasion. A graduate of Blaine Beauty School, Claudia first began to pursue beauty as her career while studying to receive her bachelor's degree in business.

Now in business for herself, Claudia's artistic style is simple and natural, with a clean, fresh creative edge.