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About Us

If you could take a minute to think about the most significant or rewarding times in your life. Those that moved you, made you laugh, made you cry or just made you think. What sticks out the most? For me, it has always been the moments. Those "snapshots" that take you back to a specific time and place, immediately reminding you of the feeling or emotion that swept across you at the exact moment. The memories of my own wedding day and the daily moments I get to experience with my two sons are just a couple of reasons why I do what I do and why I love what I do.

Cleverly Candid is about moments.

Plain and simple... I love weddings! I truly enjoy and appreciate every detail of a wedding, from the dress and the smell of the flowers to the accent colors and the palpable emotions. Each and every detail of that day comes together to make it one of the most memorable of your life. And at that exact time, you may only be able to personally experience a piece of that.

In absence of being able to bottle up the moments for you, I capture them through my photography. It's one of the most rewarding things I do. My hope is that when the years pass and the grandchildren play at your feet, you can look back at your pictures and relive the moments. May you always remember the smell of flowers when you entered the room, the look on his face he said "I do", and the feeling you had when your Dad gave you away.