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New York, NY 10014
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About Us

Colette Peters has been the owner of Colette’s Cakes, a specialty cake company in New York City, for over 20 years.

Since she was 8 years old, living in Chicago, she made cakes and experimented in the kitchen. Her first love, though, was painting, and after earning a bachelor’s degree in painting, moved to New York to earn her Master’s degree in painting from Pratt Institute. She then worked as a designer for Tiffany & Company for 8 years.

While at Tiffany & Co. she made cakes for her co-workers, and was then asked to design cakes for the books Tiffany Taste and The Tiffany Wedding. This exposure led to a contract to write a book of her own.

We are open by appointment only. Call us, Colette will meet with you and discuss what your cake will look and taste like. You may also look through Colette’s Cakes portfolio for ideas. Colette will then make a drawing of the cake of your dreams for any special occasion.