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About Us

About Us

We are a family-owned bakery in Parma, Ohio specializing in wedding cakes, special occasion cakes and pastries (Cassata cakes & Cannoli).

The bakery was started by John and Joanna Colozza in 1975 and was located on Storer Avenue in Cleveland. After five years they moved to Parma and have remained there ever since. Since the early-1990s, the Bakery has been operated by their son, Angelo, and his wife, Joan.

John Colozza was born and raised in Macchiagodena, Italy. He became a pastry chef apprentice at the age of 17 in Rome, Italy. John moved to the United States in the late-1960s and worked as a pastry chef at Cavoli’s Italian Restaurant in Cleveland and later as a baker at Fazio’s Supermarket. He would opened his own bakery in 1975.

Angelo Colozza was born and raised in the Cleveland area and began working with his father in his childhood. He learned to be a baker and cake decorate from his father and other bakers. Angelo has over 30 years experience working in the bakery as a baker and cake decorator. Angelo and his wife, Joan, have three children and enjoy running the bakery.

Before you come in

Get ideas for your wedding cake from the internet, magazines or books and we’ll recreate it in your choice of flavors, sizes and colors. We have wedding cakes, photo albums and a photo gallery on display for your viewing.

Wedding Cake Consultation

Please set-up an appointment between Tuesdays and Saturdays during our regular business hours. We will have wedding cake samples of our popular cake flavors, fillings, and icing for you to try.


We welcome anyone to stop in and view our displays, albums and gallery.  We ask that you please make an appointment with us prior to stopping in.  Often times we are busy with many customers and might not be able to accommodate everyone who stops in. If you did not make an appointment with us, please call ahead to ensure that we can accommodate your visit.

Reserve Your Date Early!

We are a small, family owned bakery and are limited to the number of wedding cakes we can make on any given weekend. It is best to book your wedding date early.  A $50 deposit reserves your wedding cake date with us.


Many factors contribute to the cost of your wedding cake. They include:

  • Number of servings

  • Flavor of cake and fillings

  • Complexity of decorations

  • Distance of delivery/set-up

Cost Saving Tips

For those on a tight budget, we offer some cost saving tips:

  • Order a smaller wedding cake with an added sheet cake.

  • Order a smaller wedding cake with added decorative cupcakes.

  • Order Faux-Fondant Icing (Butter Cream icing with a rounded edge).

  • Find and bring in your own decorations for your wedding cake
    (Rhinestones, brooches, Monograms, Flowers, Ribbon, etc).

  • Order a smaller wedding cake and pick it up yourself to save on delivery


Fresh Flowers can be brought in the day before your wedding for us to arrange on or around your cake.  Alternatively, you can have your florist arrange your flowers around the cake at the wedding hall.

Silk Flowers can be used and be brought in before your wedding. We can arrange these on or around your cake at the hall.

Gum-paste flowers are available in many varieties to match your wedding bouquets.


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