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About Us

Founded in 1987 by Joel Cook, Cook Media Group/Royal Weddings Videography is a close association of video professionals specializing in social/special events, marketing, and promotional production video. Royal Weddings Videography has been a leader in wedding and reception video production well known for its creativity and high standards.

We approach the coverage of the wedding day with both a documentary and cinematic style. The Documentary style is a candid, unobtrusive, comprehensive and fluid approach that naturally captures people and main events. The Cinematic style is the steady sweeping detail of ceremony and reception locations, detail of flowers, cake, table settings, etc. All of this carefully customized according to the request of the client, type of wedding and location.

Our edit style is often tempered by the type of event, and what the client is looking for in a finished piece. You can decide the length of the final video, from 30 minutes to 2 hours, which will affect style. We refer to our finished videos “movies” or “documentaries” depending on the edit style. All edits can and often include classy special effects such as Black and White, sepia, slow motion, freeze frames and a customized soundtrack. All mastering is on DVCAM and DVD.

Cook Media Group Wedding Video Packages offer . . .

  • Competitive rates
  • Customizing: Personalized, both the documentation and the editing
  • Experienced professional Camera operators (2 cameras with all packages)
  • Experienced professionally trained editors (who work with you on the edit)
  • Large selection of San Francisco and Bay area landmark stock shot selection
  • Dynamic Music style highlight montages with every package
  • DVDs with every package
  • Unedited footage with every package

Our focus is on the quality, not the quantity of weddings that we produce. You will have the opportunity to meet and work with the individuals that will be creating your wedding video. Drop us a line or give a call.