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Memorial Day Weekend: May 26th-28th, 2012

Conscious Connecting weekend for Couples and Singles at the fabulous Spirit in the Desert retreat center in Carefree, Arizona. A relaxing, insightful experience for both men and women.

Couples will share enjoyable experiences and exercises that simplify expectations in the relationship; no more emotional late night "relationship talks"! It's a perfect experience for anniversary celebrations: old issues get resolved as you build a rock-solid foundation for your future, no matter how long you've been together (40 days to 40 years). Treat yourselves to one weekend of relaxation together away from routine responsibilities and further deepen your relationship connection joy and clarity.

Singles in the weekend will stop repeating prior relationship patterns; your perfect love-life will be created during the weekend and then appear in your life quickly. Everyone deserves to be in a relationship, but not everybody deserves to be in relationship with you. If you don't know why you are their perfect mate, then they won't either. You will fall in love with your own heart again and it's perfect vision for your future, thereby naturally attracting the one who matches that new clarity.