198 West Cushing Street
Tucson, AZ 85701
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About Us

History~ Cushing Street Bar & Restaurant opened in October 1972. Currently we are celebrating our 35th year.

Portions of the main dining room and private dining rooms date to the 1860s. The oldest parts of the building feature the original 2-foot-thick adobe walls. Our cut glass chandelier is from a French mansion in Mexico City, as is the Art Nouveau statue of Cleopatra that is our trademark. The tall display cabinet was used in the1880s as a legal bookcase in Hermosillo, Sonora. The Steinway piano is a centennial piano, made in 1876.

Meyer Street was the main business district of the barrio. Simpson Street was first known as Mission Lane west from Meyer Street and led across the farmlands by the Santa Cruz River to San Xavier Mission. Nineteenth-century photos of this neighborhood can be found throughout the restaurant.

Cushing Street Bar is located in the oldest neighborhood in Tucson outside of the original walled Presidio. It is furnished with "period" antique furnishings and has been a gathering place for 100's of celebrations over the years; birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, book signings, Art District events and countless other celebration parties.