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About Us

Dana received a degree in Fine Arts from the prestigious Cooper Union College of Art and Architecture in New York. She first began her career in floral in Los Angeles in 1992 when she walked into the LA Flower market and was completely spell bound. That is when she found her medium as an artist, Floral.

An advantage to you is that she is more of an artist than a businesswoman and you will see that shine through in her work. It goes above just pretty flowers, she feels that artistic communication and individual expression is far more important than the bottom line.

Dana treats the floral as an art form and nothing less, and as in any artistic medium there is a great variety of styles or modes. That’s why your input is very important to her. She truly listens to what is wanted, as your ideas and wishes will be a vital part of the creative process.

Dana has never done two weddings or events the same. It’s always new and intimately individual. She looks very high end, and is, but she keeps the budget where it needs to be. Her modest studio and low overhead enables her to focus on the flowers and the final product.

It is uplifting, even joyful when we deliver the results you want. It’s a creative experience that you will enjoy and which expresses the exact message you intended.

We will do a live sample; a complete demo table using the flowers you wish to have, along with containers and other props to produce the perfect result within your budget. Well in advance of the event.

Having 3 beautiful daughters of her own, Dana appreciates and is very sensitive to the needs of brides. Also, having worked for clients on World-Class events and parties, she is very patient and willing to go through whatever it takes to arrive at the final look. Her execution and delivery is above and beyond, keeping true to the standards of an artist. People who attend her events continue to comment on them for years to come and we know you will too.