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About Us

Here at Dance Manhattan, we are thrilled to provide a large range of services for brides- and grooms-to-be. We know you want your first dance (and all the dances after it) to be an experience to remember. That's why we're here to help you plan your wedding choreography; choose your music; select a first dance style; feel confident and comfortable on the dance floor; and--most importantly--have fun!

It's best to prepare for your first dance with the same care you give to your invitations, gown, catering and flowers. We recommend that couples start planning at least 6 months prior to the date of their celebration so there is ample time both to choose a special song and style of dance and to take lessons before "wedding frenzy" sets in. However, if you find yourself in a last minute crunch, we're at your service.

Private lessons are ideal for wedding preparation, as they allow you to:

  • Dance exclusively with your fiancé(e) (group classes typically require all students to rotate partners)
  • Choose your own music
  • Get the individualized attention you need from the instructor of your choice
  • Work at your own pace
  • Schedule lessons for dates and times that are convenient for you.

Most couples benefit most from our 10-lesson package and feel that it provides the perfect amount of guidance and instruction before a wedding; however, we also offer 5- and 20-lesson packages for couples who prefer a little bit more or less preparation.

Private lessons are available in all dance styles and levels of experience with any of our professional staff. You can browse instructor bios on our website to get a sense of which teacher you might like to work with. Or, our Wedding Specialist will be happy to help you determine the best instructor to suit your individual needs. No matter what level you and your partner are dancing at, your instructor will customize a private lesson program just for you and can help out with all the dance-related aspects of your wedding. This includes:

  • Deciding if a choreographed routine is best for you, or random patterns you choose during your lessons to be done spontaneously during your first dance.
  • Preparing your wedding party for your special night. We are happy to schedule "custom" classes for large groups so your most beloved guests will have as much fun as you do on the dance floor.
  • Providing lessons with or performances by our professional staff at the wedding celebration itself.

Ultimately, a combination of group and private lessons is the optimal way to learn dance for those with the time and desire. Patterns and social dance etiquette in group classes and personalized coaching in private lessons will allow you to progress quickly and gain confidence as your skills grow. Although most classes require partners to rotate, we do offer some group classes specifically for couples who prefer to study together exclusively. Couples classes are a great start for couples planning a wedding; they provide a thorough introduction to a number of dance standards, which can help you develop ideas for your wedding dance if you are undecided. Or, they can simply help you fill up your dance card for the evening! We try to make it easy and economical for you to combine group and private lessons by providing combination packages at a discounted rate. Our Wedding Specialist can provide information about our package alternatives.