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About Us

We offer direct contact with your deejay to ensure an event that reflects your style. We focus around personal attention to every detail to create a worry free wedding from the first dance to the last song. Our unique and diverse experience provides you with entertainment from elegant and formal to tastefully interactive, but always committed to your satisfaction.

Dance Masters Entertainment has done numerous multi-ethnic affairs and we can mix a wide range of world music. We have every professional feature you are looking for, including extra sound, speculator light shows, karaoke, video deejays, spot lighting and more.

Of all Brides and Grooms surveyed, most said entertainment made up the majority of the receptions' success. Many have been quoted as saying "The entertainer makes or breaks the event!" The best advise for a bride and Groom in choosing their entertainment is to first "value shop" your entertainment, not "price shop".That role does your entertainment play in your day? Is your entertainment critical to providing the atmosphere at your ceremony as well as your reception? Do you need an entertainer to push the play button or must they also fill the roles of host, emcee, coordinator, entertainer, as well as DJ/Musician? Do they hold a role that is more, or less important than your hors d'oeuvres? Does the personality of the entertainment meet with that of you and your finance?

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