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Make your dreams come true!

Well, let's be realistic, I am not going to turn your guy into somebody he is not, but he needs to look and feel cool dancing the lead part in your fairy tale. I will NOT choreograph anything or let anything by that looks dumb, or like he is trying to do something really hard. No awkward arm positions, strained necks, stiff legs, counting outloud,,, none of it will get by me,
I want you both to look like it is easy and you are really enjoying the moment of your first dance. You will be able to tell that I am on your side immediately. I am here to help.

Slow Romantic, Top 40 Love Songs, Traditional Ballroom, Big Band Jazz, or

Choreographed SURPRISE dances! Get as creative as you want to be, have fun! Custom music mixes

Want to get your wedding party involved or do a dance down the aisle?
Bridal Shower dance lessons, Dance-Offs or contests!

Learn the easy way
Romantic dancing is back! Private lessons are the fastest and easiest way to reach your goal. It is also a nice date activity for you to do with your fiance. The goal is to make you look good! The first thing to do is pick a song. We will start with something simple and romantic. It is my job to help you both feel comfortable. We will not make a huge production dance number, unless you ask for it!
I have photo albums of happy couples and thank you notes from Grooms surprised at how much fun they had and Brides saying that they had "picture perfect " weddings.

Hi, I am Shannon
I am THE WEDDING Dance Specialist in Seattle since 1992.
You will be discriminating with everyone else you hire for your wedding, you should be as picky with your dance instructor. There are other companies that have copied my website and my packages. They can't copy my teaching style. I am a revolutionary!

JUST SAY NO TO BOX STEPS !! Boxes are squares !! Bodies do not move in squares! Boxes should NOT go with every song!!! They are not natural movements! Boxes do not teach people how to dance or lead or follow ! Stop the box!!!

There are no hidden costs or time wasting sales pitches on your lessons. I am up front with my prices and everyone gets the same deal. I will NOT try to sell you contract memberships or "included" groups and parties. Some places offer cheap introductory specials, These are NOT designed to teach you to dance, they are a sales procedure. Donot waste your time with these. They might turn your man off of dance lessons with their old fashioned dances and car sales pitches. DO NOT go to GROUP classes first!! Seriously,,, this could affect your dancing with your husband for the rest of your life. Read my FAQ page, for the answer to why no groups.

Of course other dance studios will take your money but that doesn't mean they really want you to learn to dance in so few lessons.
I have watched other teachers try to teach a Rumba or a Waltz even if it doesn't match the music. It is painful for me to watch the looks of disappointment on their couple's faces as they don't get it. I have seen to many videos of couples that look like they are trying so hard that it is almost painful. Certainly not an enjoyable memory.
I always bring my sense of humor to the lessons! Feel free to call me for a phone consultation. I am very experienced in all dances and most types of music. It is my goal to listen to you and adapt to find a dance style that is suitable for your personality. I will not try to make you into something you are not. I especially enjoy working with fun couples and making partner dancing a great way for them to show off their teamwork.

I have two private locations and will work with your budget to teach you quickly.
Shannon Knauss


Shannon is the most recommended wedding dance teacher on area websites. Her friendly attitude and no sales pitch will make the lessons fun and easy. She gives you just what you want. Dance to any song. Private lessons.