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About Us

Dancing Together specializes in helping couples prepare for their first dance.
In your first lesson, your instructor will review your choice of song with you help you decide on the most appropriate style of dance, and you’ll get started learning your dance right away! If you haven’t yet decided on a song, your instructor can help you with this too. Bring along some of your favorite options, and you can get a sample of the styles of dance that would be appropriate for each. We can teach you to dance a simple, elegant dance to your song, or even develop a unique choreographed dance just for you.

Most couples take between 5 and 10 lessons to prepare for their first dance. Everyone learns differently, and holds different ideas of the perfect outcome. After your first lesson, your instructor can give you a better idea of how many lessons it will take you to reach a comfortable level with your perfect dance.

It’s preferable to begin your lessons at least 2 to 3 months before the wedding. Give yourself plenty of time, so that you can relax and enjoy your lessons. The last couple of weeks before the wedding, when things are beginning to get a little hectic, you’ll be glad that you've learned your dance and are ready to go! (However, if you’ve waited until the last minute, crash courses are available!) Even a few lessons before the wedding will serve to help both bride and groom feel more relaxed and confident when they step out onto the dance floor.

We are happy to offer private group lessons for the wedding party or the whole family. Everyone will appreciate being prepared and confident when they hit the dance floor. (plus, when everyone learns together, it's a lot of fun!)