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About Us

Dancing With Grace Productions offers lots of different Private Lessons Packages and tailors them to your needs. Many couples desire to do a dance for their special day & sometimes pick the wrong instructor & a lengthy song that just doesn't work & adds stress to the learning process. Let us design the perfect dance for you tailored to the length & girth of your gown, your size & his height. Most instructors don't even address these important details! The dance will include a romantic beginning, easy combinations & beautiful dip at the end!

We have designed several packages for couples. We recommend 3-10 lesson packages and can do any type of dance but prefer the spice of salsa, cha-cha, bachata or merengue. Please allow 2-5 months of practice prior to the wedding. Crash courses are possible but we don't recommend them since they can be stressful and you don't need more stress!

Our one hour private lessons are key in refining your dancing skills. With individualized instruction you’ll learn more quickly and precisely. We will help you master the correct posture and how to relate to a partner. Learning correct technique will speed your progress and boost your confidence, while allowing you to enjoy the sensation of partner dancing!

Why take Private Lessons?

  • Improve you dancing faster; learn to lead her properly.
  • Receive personalized feedback, encouragement and support.
  • Work at your own pace and stop feeling frustrated!
  • Develop grace, balance, musicality, partnering skills and self-confidence.

Dancing With Grace Productions offers weekly beginner and intermediate salsa lessons in the Baltimore area. All of their weekly group lessons are drop-in. No partner is necessary for group lessons. We recommend shoes without rubber soles since you will not be able to turn with rubber soles. Come join us in one of our salsa classes and have a great time and may God bless Your Future Marriage!!