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Florida and Georgia Residents: Save money on your marriage license by taking either our Georgia Premarital Education Program Course or our Florida Premarital Preparation Course. Both courses are completely online. The Florida course is $19.99 and our Georgia course is $20.00. 

Also, Florida residents can avoid the three day wait by taking our Florida Premarital Preparation Course. 

2018 Update: We are now offering an online premarital course for Texas, called TwogetherinTexas. The cost of the course is $29.97 per couples, saves you $60 on your marriage license, and also helps you avoid the three day wait. 

Access Course Sites Here:

Online Florida Premarital Preparation Course Access Page, $19.99 per couple

Online Georgia Premarital Education Program Access Page, $20 per couple

Online Twogether in Texas Premarital Course, $29.97 per couples

Access Course Blog Sites Here:

Florida Premarital Preparation Course Blog and More Information Page

Georgia Premarital Education Program Blog and More Information Page

Texas Premarital Course, TwogetherInTexas Blog and More Information Page