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About Us

I have to let you in on a little secret. I’m not one of those guys that will tell you about a single image that inspired him to become a photographer. There aren’t stories of toiling in the darkroom, cross-country trips that I promise will yield a book, or a now-famous fashion model that saved my soul.

Have you ever suddenly gotten a feeling that sent your heart into overdrive? Perhaps it was the moment you realized you’d left the stove on 30 miles back at the house, or on the first turn of a roller coaster you didn’t realize was soooo high, or when you inexplicably think of your first kiss on the most unlikely of occasions.

My heart feels that way when the shutter of my camera cracks at the very moment I know I’ve captured something real, something fun, something fantastic. It’s an emotion of joy, risk, amazement, and immense possibility.

That’s why I’m a photographer. That and the fact I get to meet some insanely fun people!


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