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About Us

Welcome to Dashasa, jewelry that defines your taste.
polished - refined - sophisticated

This is a couture jewelry design salon--what does that mean? Simply, I as the designer work with you to create a custom piece tailored for you in every way. Starting with the stone, the metal, (type and colors) and most of all, the fit. It is custom crafted to fit you, scaled to you, as after all, it is YOUR wedding ring.

A design that captures your love, totally tailored to you, start to finish, you are involved with the evolution of your piece. Your input and ideas are strongly encouraged, as you watch the results come to life just the way you desire. Decadent, extravagent,--not at all. It really is the smarter to way to spend your money. Why settle for run of the mill, off the shelf, catalogue jewelry, when you can have service, attention, details that you want as a viable option. Come be pampered, see what truly fine jewelry looks like, feels like, and be spoiled. It'll be hard going elsewhere when you've seen our selection, service, and how much more you get for your dollars. You are wanting your wedding to be perfect in every way--it really starts w/your engagement ring. After all, it is the symbol that will last your lifetime, and everytime you look at it, it'll help bring back all the wonderful memories.

In this day and age of mass production, and machine created art, before you make your final buying decisions, before you end up at the mall, or other small designers, come and see the difference. You'll be amazed at how much more your money buys. Whether it be Celtic, floral, written sentiments, or more traditional rings you're after, handcrafting art jewelry truly is the way to go.

And for you guys, let me phrase this in a way you'll understand better. You have the option for comparable dollars, of having your fiancee with a Mercedes convertible, instead of a VW convertible. Which do you think she'll like better and feel sexier with? And making her happy is important.

The bottom line is style, cutting edge design, quality, bling bling and making her friends envious. She got the guy of her dreams, the wedding of her dreams, and it all started here, by making her engagement ring of her dreams. Call for your appt. and see how much more couture jewelry adds to your special events.