About Us

We are a subtle, professional, non-intrusive style group of DJs, who handle each wedding under the premise that we are not there to steal the day from the bride and groom. It is your day to be the center of attention, it is merely our responsibility to put together an elegant, musically entertaining evening for everyone. We let our music selection set the atmosphere of the evening - from cocktail hour through dancing - without encouragement through the use of the mic. By that I mean we use the mic for the emcee work, as appropriate, but it's definitely not relied upon as a raw method of entertainment.

We bring no props and do not teach line dances. We do own the line dance music, and do bring it all just in case it's needed at a wedding. But we do not play it if left to our own discretion. Again, it's your wedding, not ours. Instead, we tailor the music selection specific to each event; as dictated by crowd interest, and not general wedding tradition or personal influence.

Our top priority is to create an elegant, refined atmosphere, without producing a stuffy, or obviously structured evening. The night should appear seamless, spontaneous, and most of all - fun for guests of all ages.

I do understand that It is very important for a couple to realize the right DJ or Entertainer for their wedding. It is also important to me that the wedding always be about you, the Bridal Couple, rather than us as the DJ.

As your DJ, we will work together to create a framework of your evening; Produce a structured sequence of events; Discuss what you wish to do and not do, including suggested music selections and "Do Not Play" lists.

Here is one of many testimonials:

  • How was dave's attitude and demeanor: Very classy
  • Was dave's grooming and attire appropriate: Yes
  • Was dave on time and prepared: Yes
  • Please rate the Sound Level: Excellent
  • Please rate the Emcee Work: Excellent
  • Comments for either: The sound level was perfect - You could hear the music that was playing yet you were still able to have a conversation with people sitting across the table from you.
  • Please rate how well dave followed your instructions: Excellent
    Comment's on whether dave followed your wishes / instructions: Dave followed our wishes to a T.
  • Rate Dave's overall performance: Excellent
  • Comment's on dave's performance: We couldn't imagine having a DJ that was better than Dave. People are still talking about the music that played the entire night, the selections during dinner and then for the dancing that followed.