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About Us

Dave Watkins Photography really isn't just Dave, it's Dave and Valerie Watkins. My life has changed quite a bit in the past couple years, and the most positive change has been starting my marriage and my life with Val. She has also been a positive influence on this business too. She does an amazing job of keeping things organized on wedding days, and also does a great job handling the marketing and communications for Dave Watkins Photography. I may have started Dave Watkins Photography by myself, but it wouldn't be where it is today without her skills and talents.

I think the best term that describes me is visual storyteller. That’s what I love about photography: it’s ability to tell stories about who we are and to communicate how it felt to be in a certain place and time.

All photos, by definition, capture moments, but I strive for much more than that. If you’re a bride, I want my photos to take you back; to stir emotions within you and awaken that moment for you again. If you’re a mother or father, I want my portraits to show not just what your kids look like, but who they are. If you love the outdoors, as I do, I want my wilderness photos to take you to a new place and connect you to the way I felt when I was there: peaceful and awe inspiring.

It is a blessing for me to be able to do what I love and love what I do. My deepest thanks go out to all my wonderful clients who make this possible. It’s truly an honor for me to be asked to be a part of your lives in this way.