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About Us

My approach to wedding photojournalism is very non-traditional and can be described as a contemporary blend of editorial and fine portraiture. I believe that a wedding story should be told and presented in a way that resembles the look and feel of what actually took place. Photojournalism does not have to be rough and hard, rather it can be quite beautiful and soft. When we design albums the design is very clean and uncluttered and shows the true beauty of what actually took place.

My degree in Photojournalism from Western Kentucky University, has taught me how to tell a visual story through my camera, my current working knowledge of advertising photography has given me advanced skills in lighting that give me complete creative control over my environment, and my acceptance by the Wedding Photojournalist Association into their elite membership, gives me the recognition of true documentary photography that less than 5% of wedding photographers are able to retain.

When you present these images in nothing less than the best albums in the world, Queensberry of New Zealand, you will have something that will be a treasure to you and your family for generations.