15322 Manor Way
Lynnwood, WA 98087
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About Us

We make sure your day stays fun:

* Your day is customized to fit your unique personality
* Relax, we don't charge by the hour, so no need to check your watch
* We work off a checklist to make sure no shots are missed
* We shoot mostly Journalistic Style, so you can enjoy Moments
* We are dependable and on time, no flaky artists in our crew
* We are Stealth Ninjas during your ceremony, you won't notice us
* We are organized, we handle stress so you don't have to
* We are Pros, we know our gear.  Your shots will be epic.
* David has been shooting weddings 15+ years, he's got your back

* Our primary style is Journalistic and "Pop" traditional
* We are Canon Pros, using: 5D, 5DmkII and 7D cameras
* We use an assortment of Pro Lenses
* We shoot digital but also use film on occasion and on request
* We can also shoot HD Video
* We have a Photo Booth for selected Packages
* Most of our packages include Digital Files​