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About Us

Gary David~ For 20 years I've been creating images for advertising with many clients. I love shooting, and I feel lucky to have the opportunity to capture people in such incredible moments. That's why I shoot weddings, for the outrageous moments when people are just doing what they do. Having two photographers that work so well together adds such great confidence; we see and capture more, never stopping during the event. While I'm with the groom before the ceremony, Renee spends time with the bride. When we settle in to shoot portraits, my favorite part, we get images we hope for and so many wonderful surprises we don't expect. We can give you the best images from two excited perspectives and then we deliver our images with as much excitement as the capture, because we simply love what we do.

Renee Michele~ Photography is my passion, and I have had the privilege of indulging that passion for the last 11 years photographing the most beautiful and elegant events in our area. Time after time, the excitement of the people I meet makes what I do so rewarding and working with Gary for many of these events adds an element of surprise because both of us are seeing and capturing different moments. When Gary's shooting portraits, I can spend my time watching for those once in a lifetime moments that might never be noticed. We simply love photographing weddings. There is nothing better than hearing a bride say, "you shot that? I didn't even know you were there..." and it's even more fun to see her with her album for the first time.