About Us

Hi! I'm Desiree! I have been into photography for many years now and through my photography I try to capture a person's spirit and true inner beauty. I try to keep my photographs in natural settings and strive to have nature as my backdrop as often as possible. I am actually an elementary teacher and do photography as a creative outlet. I find it very fun and rewarding. I am always interested in working with individuals that like my work. I do everything photography related including but not limited to modeling shoots, weddings, children, senior portraits, pregnancy, families, pets....etc. I include a full resolution/size picture cd with all the work that I do, meaning you do not have to buy prints from me, but you can if you wish. I am very easygoing and friendly and would love to answer any questions you may have about anything. I am always doing time for print work, so if you are trying to become a model or just want to have your picture taken for fun or artistic purposes, get in touch!