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About Us

The Difference is Class AND Talent

  • Eloquent, talented, refined, distinguished, unobtrusive, sophisticated -- truly elegant. These are the sort of terms you will ever hear in the same sentence with the associates at Distinctive Weddings.
  • At Distinctive Weddings, we are setting a new standard by stepping beyond the traditional boundaries set forth by all of the predecessors. We are striving to bring a fresh, classy approach to the DJ industry--one Wedding at a time.
  • Elegance is our mantra and Weddings are all we do. We WILL make a difference at your Wedding.
  • Distinctive Weddings is staffed by 3 uniquely talented and sophisticated Wedding DJs. Our mission has always been to offer first class service coupled with the experience that will make your Wedding exactly what you envision.
  • Your guests will be absolutely impressed by the tasteful way we present ourselves and the clearly distinctive music selections.
  • You can be certain there will be NO surprises from us and that you will not hear any cheesy line dances or any Kenny G (unless you have specifically asked for them).
  • The passion we exude and the expertise we offer will put your mind at ease, earn your respect,and ultimately allow you to truly enjoy your special day.

How are we setting a new standard for the Wedding industry? For starters, we are unique simply by the fact that we take a tremendous amount of pride in what we DON'T do.

  • By not offering are any sort of 'Entertainer' DJs, you can guarantee that your event will truly be elegant.
  • We will not treat your Wedding like a Football Game (with a running commentary all night) and our DJs have no aspirations to be on FM Radio.
  • We do not employ any 25 year old Disc Jockeys who have earrings, like to sing, dance, and/or work Karaoke at a Night Club.

"Thank you for making our Wedding such a great day! We were so happy to be able to just have fun and not worry about anything! We could not have been more pleased and have already received a bunch of compliments about your work. You were absolutely worth the extra money! Please feel free to give our name and number out as a reference! - Fred and Heather

"………..the first minute we walked into the reception, several people came up to us and said what great tunes you were playing-these were our friends, our parents' friends, and also the grandparental generation! It was just so perfect! I could not have been happier with you and we are VERY happy we spent the extra money!" - Michael and Alicia

"Just a note of thanks for the wonderful job you did on our Wedding reception. Your help in the preparation of the schedule and selection of music was invaluable. You have such a keen awareness of what it takes to keep a party going and can quickly adapt to changing needs as an evening progresses. Please don't hesitate to use us as a reference as necessary in your business and we will not hesitate to refer others to you." - Trisha and Kevin