La Croisette (GBLC)
Grand Baie, Mauritius
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About Us

DIVINO Wine Shop – Restaurant – Bar has unique food & drinks products that are not available elsewhere other than in prestigious outlet. The 'alfresco' setting on the square of Grand Bay La Croisette makes this place a special dining experience. From café style lunch to outdoor gourmet dinning experience overlooking the GBLC fountain, its the perfect place to be in Grand Bay. Divino Restaurant has a variety of dishes to satisfy everyone palate. It specialises in Fusion TAPAS, PASTA dishes, homemade Ravioli, Risotto, Fresh cheese, modern ITALIAN dishes. We also have fresh FISH & SEAFOOD from local fisherman, LOBSTER and the customer can choose other fresh seafood from the cold fish display cabinet. As for MEAT we only use chill meat 'fresh' grade A quality imported from Australia & New Zealand. The meat are from Halaal certified suppliers. Our fat free Lamp Chops, Tournedos & Entrecôte are exceptional. On the menu local MAURITIAN dishes such as famous mauritian curry. The food is prepared on the minute of order for freshness and quality and serve without delay. Divino has a good kids menu and baby chair. The kids can also play on the esplanade while the parents having meal. It’s the perfect place for the 'bon vivant' to enjoy the 'savour faire' of Divino. Divino BAR sets on the outdoor terrace of the GBLC square, this cosy bar is unique in terms of drinks it offers. There is absolutely no other bar in Mauritius that offers the product this bar offers. To start with for the Malt whisky lovers, it offers a large varieties of Whisky from various distilleries and of different ages 8 to 30 Years, all at affordable price. Also have niche brand of Grappa, Limoncello, Sambucca, Vodka, Vermouth, Sake from Japan, Rum from South America & Local Rum, Cocktail drinks, huge choice of quality imported wine by the glass. The Spritzer is a refreshing drink that our customers die for in the evening of the sunset, its like being in Italy on the piazza with a glass of Spritzer. At Divino Bar you can start your perfect morning with our famous non alcoholic cocktail such as 'Deli Detox, Energizer' or a good espresso 'Caffe Molinari' brand from Moderna Italy. Here you can select your own flavour from premium blend 'Oro' to single varietal coffee such as Kenia, Guatemala, Java, Blue Mountain. During the day & evening we have fresh cocktail tailor made, you must try the drink to believe. Divino WINE SHOP. For those who wants good drinks, they must visit Divino. Also available in the shop Kalamata Olives, Extra Virgin 1st press olive oil, Truffles, Sun dry Tomato, Artichoke, Aged Vinegar and many other products, all are solely imported by the owner. It is distributed to stars hotels & Divino only. Are you now under the impression that Divino is an expensive place to be !!, it could have been due to various top quality products available at Divino but NO IT 'S NOT EXPENSIVE AT ALL because there is no distributor or middleman that supplies to Divino. Over 90% of its products are imported directly by the owner, thus offering the best in the food & drink world and making the products affordable to all. Divino promotes the culture of good food and wine, its the venue and place to be in Grand Bay. It's a cosy place in 'alfresco' style. Here you discover the good moment then you realise that there is no price for good time, no price for good food & drinks, no price for joy & happiness. Be it the occasion or reason, at Divino, you always celebrate the ‘WONDERFUL'. Culinary Regards Divino Owner & Team