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About Us

Count on DJO ENT for all your wedding entertainment and decorative lighting.  We are a small and fast growing entertainment company, serving mostly wedding all across southern California, and known for our professionalism, music energy, and excellent price to value.

Are you trying to avoid having a boring wedding?  Make your wedding extra fun with our professional disc jockey services.  We can entertain your entire wedding, from ceremony to cocktail to reception.  Count on having nonstop music, appropriately selected and timed for each special event, mixed professionally, with a selection of the best of International music. Our specialty is multi-ethnic weddings, including American, Latin, and Middle-Eastern music.  We also perform as Master of Ceremonies, through which we guide the activities, engage with your guests, and eloquently make all the necessary announcements.  Additionally, we offer talented musicians, including guitarist, harpist, and percussionist.

Why get two vendors and pay more when you can have one great vendor and pay less?  Aside from entertainment, we offer a full array of lighting, including dance lighting, uplighting, centerpiece pinspot lighting, monogram projections, and more.  Check out our photo gallery and website to see just how beautiful we can make your reception. 

Are confused about how to layout your timeline of events or what special songs to pick?   Look no further.  We offer tips and suggestions for all the common wedding activities and will work with you to make everything fit and flow naturally.  There is a science behind the timeline and we can fill you in on the secrets.  And song suggestion...count on DJO ENT to offer sample song suggestions for everything from the ceremony to reception, including American, Latin, and Middle Eastern songs that you can listen to!  Who else can offer that? And we have all this available to you via the convenience of our online event planner, which is accessible anywhere and anytime as long as you have a computer and internet connection.

Choose DJO ENT and get more for less.   Together, we can make your wedding fun and elegant.  Visit us online or call us for a free consultation.