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About Us

Weddings may seem ubiquitous and ordinary to the outsider, but not to the ones getting married. Such drama. Such intensity. And such joy. They are rare events. To the photojournalist there is hardly a more potent subject for compelling imagery than a wedding.

Unlike some professional photographers, I don't consider 'shooting weddings' to be a pejorative. In my own earnest way, I like going to weddings. I am a witness to an intimate, watershed event in a couple's life. I take to heart the weight of responsibility to document the moment, respectfully and non-obtrusively.

So this is my philosophy. I am a privileged guest at your event. I feel honored to be the designated witness, the documentarian. For a few hours, I'll be in your periphery, probably more than any other person there. I'd better be easy to be around, especially with all those cameras around my neck.
I don't do 'wedding packages', monthly specials, deals of so-many proofs for so many hours of coverage. I don't make fancy albums and charge an enormous markup. I don't order you around or run the wedding.

I work simply. You have me for the day, starting with hair and makeup, and ending midway through the reception. I shoot as much as it takes. You get an on-line gallery of the photos, a proof book of 4x6 shots of selected images, a CD with all the images (generally about 1,500 shots), and a bound book (print-on-demand) of the best 100 or so shots. For this, I charge $3,000. One fee. Nothing more.

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